FurRoll Pet Hair Remover

FurRoll Pet Hair Remover

FurRoll Pet Hair Remover

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Cat Hairs Everywhere?

Say goodbye to those annoying loose hairs and miles of lint rollers!

 Reusable Hair Remover Roller. Forget the tapes and the mess!

 Cleans in One Swipe: Works best on Sofas, Carpets, Cat Trees and clothes!

 Two-Way Roller for easy clean up. Get twice as much done in half the time!

 Can be used over and over again..

 Buy more, Save more... Have one upstairs and one downstairs, for fast & easy cleaning!

 Easy cleaning for even the trickiest surfaces such as curtains!

How to use:

Laugh at the old times when you would vacuum the whole house just before guests arrived and still be left with pet hairs on your furniture and carpets. Avoid getting the vacuum out completely and eradicate all pet hair from your house in just 10 minutes.