SoleFix Dent Removal Tool

SoleFix Dent Removal Tool

SoleFix Dent Removal Tool

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You can now repair your own car dents at the safety of your home


Why do we need the SoleFix Dent Removal Tool? 

When you use your car frequently, you can't help the small, tedious dents that you acquire. You may acquire these dents through bad manoeuvring, or forceful parking in small spaces. 

We really can't help it but the truth is... It leaves us with ugly, dented cars. It's so expensive just taking your car to the auto shop just to fix the small dents too. 

So, to help you save money and time we present to you the SoleFix Dent Removal Tool which allows you to remove dents like a professional!

Save Time & Money

It’ll save you tonnes of time and money. Forget waiting hours for your car to be fixed at the repair shops, repair your car by yourself!

Keep your vehicle spotless

Have you ever arrived at your car after shopping to find somebody has hit your car with their door? Annoying, right? Well, you’re in luck – With this SoleFix Dent Removal Tool you can keep your vehicle dent-less and presentable at all times.

Not only will it save you time and money, it's also very easy to use. This tool is suitable for anyone, especially for DIY workers to save labor and money.

How to use:

1. Choose an appropriate size tab for the dented part.

2. Apply hot glue to the tab and stick it to the dented area. Apply glue quickly before the hot glue hardens. 

3. Attach the puller to the tab and start pulling until the dent is removed. 

4. Apply alcohol to the repaired area, where the glue is to remove the hardened glue. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What is the purpose of this tool?
Answer: The dent remover tool is a perfect tool for DIY repairs for accidental car dents, door dings and even hail damage on your vehicle, it keeps the original paint undamaged and will save you time and money on repairs.

Question: Is the tool durable?
Answer: This dent remover tool is made with high-quality stainless steel, rubber and durable plastic, and doesn’t damage the auto surface, making it long-lasting and sturdy.

Question: Can it be used on other metal surfaces?
Answer: The dent remover tool can not only be used on cars, but also efficient and safe to pop out dents on metal surfaces, such as motorcycles, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

Question: What does the set consist of?
Answer: This includes a 2-in-1 puller, which you can turn into a long puller or short puller. It has different sized puller tabs perfect for dent removal. There are 18 tabs that are designed to be used in different dent areas and for different sized dents. You can choose according to the size of the dented area you are dealing with.

Question: Is it easy to use?

Answer: This dent remover tool is very easy to use and it is suitable for anybody to deal with any dent. Simply use a hot glue stick to stick the tab to the dented area. Then, after pulling on the dent, the dried glue and the tab will either come off along with the pulling or you can remove it by hand after it has totally dried. 

***Please Note on Installation: Please use a hot glue stick on sticking the attachments. Patience is key, it can take a few tries and from different angles to remove a dent sometimes.

Package Includes:
1 x Car Dent Puller Tools
18 x Blue Glue Tabs / Glue Extractor

Save not just time and money but also your car all by yourself using the help of our professional SoleFix Dent Removal Tool.

No need to spend a thousands or bring take your car to the auto body shop to fix it. You can be your car's hero.